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Petra Coveney


10% of women in the UK left their jobs due to menopause (Fawcett Society 2021)
Before I became a menopause coach, I worked in the Media, Charity, and Education sector as a head of communications. Back in those days, Menopause was still a taboo and there wasn’t any information or support. So, I am passionate about sharing knowledge and breaking taboos to help women keep their careers.

Menopausal symptoms can have a huge impact on your work life. A combination of disturbed sleep, hot flushes, low mood, or low self-esteem can affect your attendance and performance. Menopause symptoms were the reason given by 1:10 women in the UK who left their jobs, according to research from The Fawcett Society (2021).


Employers are losing skilled and experienced workers

Women are losing income that could affect their family’s financial security

Women aged over 50 are growing demographic in the workplace

It’s the law


The Equality Act 2010 tells us that although the menopause is not an illness or disability, the effects of the symptoms experienced can be disabling for women which means that employers who fail to properly support women could be found to be discriminatory. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 provides for safe working, which includes working conditions when experiencing symptoms of the menopause.


There needs to be open and honest discussions about menopause in the workplace and how it affects employees. Employers and employees should have access to a range of tools and support to help women who are struggling with menopausal symptoms.

Fortunately, there are practical ways to offer support and workplace adjustments so that you can retain your careers and your workforce.

As a Menopause in The Workplace Coach, I work alongside employers to deliver webinars to support staff. These webinars include:


  • Menopause Awareness at Work

  • Desk-based exercises

  • Developing a Menopause Policy 

  • Menopause Health: nutrition & exercise.

  • Menopause Wellbeing: Mindfulness and breath work


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