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Black Women's Experience of Menopause & Yoga - Guest Talk

Exclusive Guest Speaker talk with Karen Arthur followed by a panel discussion with Yinka Fabusuyi, Ayana Williams, Sahir Ahmed-Evans and Razia Sultana.

WEDNESDAY April 27th from 4pm-5.30pm on ZOOM. BOOK HERE:

The talk will be recorded for anyone who is not able to attend the live zoom session. The time of the talk 4pm-5.30pm is British Summer Time.

How does the experience of Black women differ from that of White women living in a westernised society?

Are their symptoms different, and how are they treated by the medical profession? Is there a medical bias or discrimination, and how may this affect women of colour seeking support at this stage of life? The answer to all of these questions is a loud resounding YES!

However, in the UK the yoga community is largely led by White people whose cultural references and language may also be exclusionary.

So, how can we both welcome and support women of all ethnicities in Yoga, Pilates and Fitness classes.

Join me, Petra Coveney (founder of Menopause Yoga) in an exclsuive talk with Karen Arthur host of the podcast of Menopause Whilst Black as we talk openly about the experiences of Black women in the menopause, medical bias, culture and YOGA!

Menopause campaigner Karen Arthur who hosts the 'Menopause Whilst Black' podcast speaks exclusively with Petra Coveney, founder of Menopause Yoga. Karen and Petra will shine a light on the menopause, share some stats and facts about symptoms and treatment. Karen will also talk about her experiences of yoga classes and offer some suggestions on ways to make Yoga available to all women.

This talk will be followed by a panel discussion with Yoga and Pilates experts Yinka Fabusuyi, Ayana Williams, Sahir Ahmed-Evans and Razia Sultana.

[L-R: Yinka Fabusuyi, Razia Sultana, Ayana Williams, Sahir Ahmed-Evans]

I thoroughly encourage all yoga teachers to attend this illuminating talk that will both enrich our teaching and make our classes more welcoming for all women.

Karen's BIO:

Karen Arthur is a Fashion Creative, Sewing tutor and podcast host. She speaks about the positive links between fashion and mental wellbeing – Wear Your Happy – and how this helped her through depression after leaving her long teaching career. Karen's podcast Menopause Whilst Black, centres the mid life stories of Black British women, and is now entering season three. Having taken up modelling in her late fifties, you may have seen her smiling eyes gracing the Specsavers and E45 skincare TV campaigns. Brought up in Oxfordshire, Karen, a 59 year old grandmother, is now based in London.

K x

Fashion Creative | Podcast Host NEW! Available for 1:1 sewing lessons. Read our Covid safety plans HERE Listen UP! Menopause Whilst Black PODCAST. Bonus Episode “A year of Menopause Whilst Black. What I’ve Learnt” BONUS : 458k+ views on the YouTube. STYLE LIKE U ‘Getting Dressed: An Act of Self Love’.

Yinka Fabusuyi BSc Ost. PgCert, BWY Dip, PgAce. Is an Osteopath and Yoga teacher with over 30 years of clinical practice and 22 years of yoga teaching experience. Yinka's interest in supporting people towards pain free movement inspired Yinka to train as a yoga teacher, completing her British Wheel of Yoga Diploma in 2000. After 18 years of working as an osteopath in the NHS, Yinka began to work full time at her practice, Holmewood Osteopathic Practice which offers person centred, treatment and management of pain and restriction. As well as running a practice Yinka is also a senior practice educator and lecturer at the University College of Osteopathy (formerly The British School of Osteopathy). She is also a guest speaker on the Menopause Yoga Teacher Training course.

Sahir Ahmed-Evans

Sahir is the founder of SAE Pilates and Fitness is a Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer and Pelvic Floor Coach. She teaches women in person and online. Sahir is fiercely passionate about health and wellness for women of all ages. She has a keen interest in hormonal health such as cycle syncing, pre/post-natal and peri-menopause and menopause and is currently in her perimenopause.

You can find Sahir@



Razia Sultana

Razia has been a student of yoga since 1998 and has been teaching since 2009. She is a graduate of the Menopause Yoga teacher training course and teaches Menopause Yoga at triyoga studio ion London. She is currently 3 years post-menopausal. Her parents moved to the UK from Kashmir (Northern Pakistan) in the 1960's, she has lived in the UK all of her life.

Ayana Williams

Ayana is a 200hrs Teacher Training graduate of the Tattvaa Yogashala Rishikesh, India (2017)

and holds qualifications in Philosophy and Psychology, a Diploma in Massage & Aromatherapy (London School of Chinese Medicine Regent Park) and is a graduate of the Menopause Yoga teacher training course. She is a menopause ambassador at local authority and a supporter of the red tent movement.

The online talk will be recorded for anyone who is not able to attend the live zoom session.The time of the talk 4pm-5.30pm is British Summer Time.

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