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Second Spring is...

Join Petra Coveney for a Second Spring workshop on March 18th at Yoga West London.

Change isn’t always comfortable is it?

There’s a time in the midst of transition where we are uncertain.

Maybe we’re not feeling ready to let go and leave our place of comfort.

Even if we have outgrown that place, and it’s no longer nourishing us.

There’s a comfort in the familiar.

For some of us, menopause can feel like it’s come too soon.

We feel too young and not ready for the change.

We resist. We don’t want to change.

Change can feel frightening …. a dark place in limbo… especially if we don’t know what’s on the other side.

So I’m here as your guide to remind you that Change can also be Beautiful. And when you emerge on the other side, you can flourish. There is creativity, self growth, and more…


Join Petra Coveney creator of Menopause Yoga™️ for a special workshop on March 18th from 1pm - 5pm at @yogawestlondon in West London.

To Book: click the Second Spring link in my Bio

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