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Teenager to Queenager

Post menopause - like a Second Puberty but with Wisdom & Knowledge.


By Petra Coveney @menopause_yoga

Peri Menopause can feel like a second puberty with hormones going haywire, emotions up and down, anxiety and overwhelm as your body and brain get rewired for the next stage of life.

But Post-menopause can feel like you’re a Queenager.

You have the benefits of life experience, wisdom, knowledge and you know yourself.

This is powerful stuff! You are a Queenager.

👑 Wear that Crown.

Instead of your energy and attention being used up in a monthly cycle of Procreativity - instead you can release it and focus on Creativity.


❤️ What passion projects or adventures would you like to explore?

⏰ This is YOUR time now. Carpe diem - dont waste it. Focus on what brings you joy and fulfils you.

This isn't a second puberty - it’s a Second Spring 🌸 Go Blossom!

Join Petra Coveney for a Second Spring Workshop at Yoga West on March 18th in London from 12pm-5pm. This special workshop will include:

- a women's circle discussion on how to prepare for your second spring.

- Hormones, Health and Healing

- a Menopause Yoga class for strength and empowerment in your Second Spring.

- Deep yoga Nidra relaxation with a Second Spring guided visualisation.

To book your tickets visit the Yoga West Studio website.

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