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Breaking the Taboo - Menopause Yoga Comes To Middle East

MYTT Graduate Mylene Pezzotti Launches Menopause Yoga Class in Dubai

Mylene is a long-term yoga practitioner and teacher, she fell in love with yoga while living in China and traveling throughout Asia. E-RYT 500 her journey started with Ashtanga, continuing trainings with YogaWorks, Brahmani Yoga and Radiantly Alive. This developed her style into an inspiring, rhythmic and safe flow. She also teaches Yin, Meditation, Restorative, Hatha and Kids yoga. Her own personal journey led her to become a certified Menopause yoga teacher, and she is committed to helping other woman navigate this time of their lives through the practice of yoga. ---------------------

I'm excited to let you know that one of the first teachers to graduate form the Menopause Yoga Teacher Training course, Mylene Pezzotti, is starting Menopause Yoga classes and workshops.

Mylene is a 500 Hour teacher whose skills range from Hatha, Ashtanga and Kid yoga to Yin and Restorative and Menopause Yoga of course, as well as meditation.

She wanted to launch Menopause Yoga classes in 2020 but she wasn't sure if the cultural taboo in the Middle East made it too difficult to host and promote these events. Then in 2021, Mylene decided the time was right. Below she describes her experience:

"Teaching Menopause yoga in Dubai has been a wonderful journey, sometimes a challenge but all worth it.

Dubai is very multi cultural and for some women the topic of Menopause is not openly spoken about. There is a shame on ageing, that in some Western countries has already been overcome.

However, I found that once approached women in general are curious and eager to learn how to benefit from this amazing practice.

The population here is quite young so must of my students have been younger and suffering from a very early peri menopause. Some women were enduring extreme symptoms and being completely lost and often depressed.

Having a support group, a sense of community and more information about this change in their lives has really helped them.

This will be my third workshop and I’m grateful to keep sharing this journey with as many women as I can."

Congratulations Mylene, I hope to meet you again - this time in Dubai!

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