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Dance your way through the menopause with Petra & Dina

Join our joyous Spring Day Retreat with Dina & Petra

Time & Location

25 Apr, 10:00 – 16:00 BST Zoom

When did you last dance? When did we stop dancing? If you're a mum like me, you may have swapped your dancing shoes for slippers when you had young children, preferring to hit the pillow and sleep instead of hitting the dance floor.

And now I'm older I can feel a bit self conscious dancing in public, worrying that I've lost my moves back in the 1980s! But dancing is so good for our physical fitness and it can bring so much joy.

So one of the eye-opening experiences I enjoyed recently was dancing around my living room in the privacy of my own home, in the company of other women online, during a Menopause Yoga Day Retreat.

Women who had not enjoyed a shimmy or a shoe shuffle for years said they loved the experience, and felt less self conscious because they were at home.

So, I'm delighted to be hosting another Day Retreat in April with Dina Cohen (a former music journalist turned yoga teacher) who specialises in running dance celebrations.

During this special Menopause Yoga Day Retreat in April, I will lead you through an uplifting and energising Menopause Yoga practice, followed by a talk by Dina about the benefits of dancing through menopause.

Dina will then lead you through some easy mobilising and energising pranayama, followed by dancing and then a bit of a stretch and a guided relaxation/visualisation.

Dance is beneficial for:

~ Stress Release: literally shaking it out

~ Cardio excercise: raising heart rate , burns calories

~ Uplifting FUN - alleviates depression

~ No Wrong or Right moves

~ Emotional Self-expression

~ Present moment awareness HERE NOW

~ 76% reduced risk of dementia

~ improves spatial memory

~ boosts connectivity between cerebral hemispheres

~ integrates rational, musical, kinesthetic and emotional brain functions which is great for neruoplacticity.

Dina says: "I didn’t choose teaching, it seemed to choose me, over and over again. And now, navigating my way through my ’second spring’, I find that the rewards of s-lo-w-i-n-g down, tuning in and learning to rest deeply have been equally beneficial. My teachings have evolved over 20 years, grounded in over 1,000s hours of trainings with renowned teachers, and experience working with students from all walks of life: refugees and asylum seekers, dancers from the Royal Ballet, seniors practicing Chair Yoga or festival goers that find me plying my trade in a field surrounded by revellers and heavy beats. I love learning and sharing."

If you'd like to join us on the joyous day, you can book your place here:

Happy Summer!

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