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Earthquake Fundraising Class Raises £500 for DEC Turkey & Syria Appeal

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Guest Speaker Ozge Dorttepe, in Istanbul, gives impassioned talk on how yoga teachers across Turkey stood together to support to people across their country.

More than 60 yoga practitioners and teachers from around the world came together on March 1st to support the people of Turkey and Syria at a special Menopause Yoga class. Their donations raised a generous £500.00 for the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Appeal for the victims of the recent earthquakes.

The extreme earthquakes across this region measured up to 7.8 and demolished buildings in many cities. The fatalities are so far believed to be more than 45,000 and 108,000 injuries in Turkey, and 8,500 deaths and 14,500 injuries in Syria.

In the live online class, led by Menopause Yoga creator Petra Coveney, there was an impassioned talk by guest speaker Ozge Dorttepe who is a yoga teacher based in Istanbul. Ozge is a Hatha yoga teachers and yoga therapist and graduate of the menopause Yoga teachers training course.

As yoga teachers we are dedicated to Sangha - the principle of fostering community wherever we go in the world. As people in the menopause we know the immense benefits of coming together and supporting each other - and even the simple knowledge that others care can help us get through another day.

Below are some comments made by Ozge, which beautifully illustrate the positive impact that women and yoga teachers can have in the world, especially when we come together. Please take the time to read her words, which are so powerful.

Ozge: "Thank you to everyone who has supported this class and donated to the charities appeals to help the victims of the earthquakes. It is incredible to see your support and remember that yoga is not just about yoga poses, breathing and meditation, it is the philosophy and practice of Sangha, community. What has kept me going is a sense of purpose; women supporting women worldwide.

"You may ask how can yoga help people who have suffered the death of loved ones, or become injured and homeless, exposed to the freezing weather conditions in south eastern Turkey. The answer is threefold:

  • We can practice yoga asana and breathwork and meditation to help us prepare for suffering and share these methods with others. In the days after the earthquakes, I was in shock and anxiety, but I was able to practice these techniques to help.

  • We can share these techniques with others. In the weeks after the earthquake, yoga teachers across Turkey talked about what we can do? Many of us were far away from the devastation and we felt guilty for being alive. But we decided not to feel guilty - instead we took action. We chose to stand together to be strong and offer free live online yoga classes to help people through their suffering. Even though we are far away from the devastation, it was our nation and we wanted to help. This is yoga in action.

  • We can donate funds to charitable organisations who are able to reach the people in need.

  • So I thank you for attending this class, and remind you are women in the menopause that we are stronger together and can help each other, wherever we live in the world."

If you have been affected by Ozge's comments and would like to offer support, please get in touch and let her know.

Get In Touch:

Ozge lives in Istanbul and her contact details are +90 545 284 0485, Mesrutiyet Mah. Kucukbahce Sok. No.24/48 Osmanbey Istanbul Turkiye,, Instagram accounts: @ozgeatila and @yogaforalll

A recording of the class was sent to everyone who paid for this class.

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