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Hot Flushes Workshop

I've launched a new mini workshop that focuses on specific types of menopause symptoms, so that we can spend time exploring these in more detail. This is a result of feedback from women who said they enjoyed the full day workshops - but wanted to have the opportunity to go into more depth of knowledge and have more time to practices specific techniques.

The new 3-hour specialist workshop will focus on Hot Flushes, Night Sweats and Insomnia – some of the most common symptoms of peri and post menopause,.

The workshop will include:

- A Woman’s Circle discussion sharing our experiences of menopause;

- Advice and guidance on Nutrition, Natural Remedies, Vitamin Supplements, Hormone Replacement Therapy and other medical approaches specifically to alleviate Hot Flushes;

- A relaxing, restorative yoga practice with specially adapted poses for menopause, Breathing and Meditation exercises and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to manage Hot Flushes.

Price: £35.00 which includes a Menopause Yoga workbook to writing notes, and a goodie bag.

Please Note: these workshops are only open to women who are going through one of the stages of menopause (POI, peri to post).

Wear stretchy clothes for yoga, warm clothing for relaxation, water, a pen, and a optional blanket and pillow.

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