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Menopause Awareness Month October 2022

FREE Menopause Awareness Talks and Classes, Plus in-person Workshops and NEW Online Courses & Charity Fundraising events.


World Menopause Day is held every year on the 18th October. The day was designated by the International Menopause Society (IMS) to raise awareness of the menopause and to support options to improve health and well-being for women in mid-life and beyond.

During this month I will be sharing more Medical information about Brain Fog, Anxiety and Overwhelm and offering some Wellbeing advice on ways to alleviate these symptoms with HRT, Nutrition, Herbal remedies, Exercise, Social interaction - and Menopause Yoga, of course.

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When I launched Menopause Yoga in 2013, my clear aims were to EDUCATE, EMPOWER women to EMBRACE their menopause as an opportunity to improve their health and wellbeing. Drawing on the wisdom on traditional Chinese medicine, I reframed post menopause positively as a woman's SECOND SPRING. We are living longer and want to THRIVE in our post Menopause not just survive it. We have an exciting third stage of life ahead of us with so much to enjoy and explore for ourselves, and contribute to our societies.

So let's take this month to share knowledge, improve our lifestyle and finally Celebrate the Wisdom of the Menopause.

I am running a series of exciting educational events throughout October. Many of these are FREE and also fundraising for The Menopause Charity.

Scroll below to see a list of these events. I'll be posting more about these in my News blogs, Newsletters and social media this month, but you can also view live talks and free videos online via my Instagram account @menopause_yoga. Let's Celebrate and Share so that other women don't need to suffer menopause symptoms!


October 5th from 7.15pm-9pm.

Menopause Wellbeing 6 week Course at The Life Centre, west London:

Learn how to Embrace & Prepare for your Second Spring on this EXCLUSIVE 6-week course taught in person every Wednesday evening from October 5th - November 9th at west London's premier yoga studio The Life Centre. During the 6 weeks you will gain an understanding of the hormonal changes at each stage of the menopause and holistic management techniques for the main menopause symptoms, all in the company of a small

group of 12 women. Book via The Life Centre website.

October 10th from 4pm-5.15pm

GRADUATE EVENT / Menopause Awareness & Breaking Taboos

If you are a currently training with or are a graduate of any courses, you are invited to join this Discussion Group on 'Menopause Awareness & Breaking Taboos'. It is live online and is FREE to current trainees and only £7.00 for graduates. Book on their website here.

October 17th from 1pm-2.45pm (UK time) Online.

Menopause Awareness Session FREE to members of the British Wheel of Yoga.

As a senior tutor for the British Wheel of Yoga, I am happy to be offering a Menopause Awareness session live online which is FREE to BWY members.To date, over 100 teachers, male and female, have booked their FREE tickets to this live online event. Places are limited so if you'd like to join, please visit the BWY website and book asap.

The BWY accredits my Menopause Yoga teacher training module course for yoga teachers and the 6-hour Menopause Awareness course for all yoga and movement teachers. This is open to everyone - you do not need to be female or in the menopause to benefit.


Live Online Menopause Yoga class on Movement For Modern Life to raise funds for the Menopause Charity. Class starts 7pm-8.15pm.

I'm delighted to be working in partnership with the award-winning yoga and wellbeing website MFML to offer a class live online to raise funds for the Menopause Charity. The funds will help the Charity's educational work to improve the lives of women in the menopause.

So please join me for this special class celebrating women and your Second Spring wisdom.

To book this event, you need to visit the MFML website. While you are there, why not try some of my recorded videos Menopause Yoga classes. You can even sign up for a FREE trial

October 22nd from 3.30pm-6.30pm at The Life Centre, west London.

Managing Menopause Anxiety, Overwhelm & Fatigue

Join me for this special introductory workshop at The Life Centre where I will share knowledge of the menopause from both western medical and eastern wellbeing perspectives.

There will be information specifically about the hormonal causes of menopausal anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue, and we share some Menopause Yoga techniques for alleviating these symptoms. Book via The Life Centre website.

October 29th & 30th from 2-4pm at triyoga studio, Camden Town, north London.

Two afternoon workshops taught in-person at triyoga - north London's premier yoga studio.

You can book one or both of these workshops that focus in on different symptoms. There is a discount if you book both. This is the last chance to practice with me in-person in 2022 as my other events will be live online. See the booking links for the separate events, or you can book both.

October 29th from 2pm-4pm at triyoga studio, Camden Town, London.

Menopause Yoga™: overview of Menopause Yoga and a practice for alleviating, anxiety + overwhelm.

Book via the triyoga website.

October 30th from 2pm-4pm at triyoga studio, Camden Town, London.

Menopause Yoga™: preparing for second spring, and alleviating brain fog + fatigue

Book via the triyoga website here.

Menopause Wellbeing In The Workplace Workshops

I am proud to announce that during Menopause Awareness Month, I will be leading a series of live online Menopause in the Workplace workshops for various corporate clients.

Following the success of my corporate wellbeing workshops earlier this year, I have been invited by The Wellbeing Project to deliver 6 workshops to companies who want to take care of their staff and help develop Menopause Policies.

1 in 10 women in the UK say they left their jobs due to menopause symptoms, so it is vital that employers take care of these skilled and experienced staff by offering education so that all employees feel valued. These workshops run with company HR departments also help break the talking taboo around the menopause, encourage conversation and help line managers to take appropriate steps to support their staff.

Menopause Awareness Workshops can be run throughout the year as part of an HR programme. If you would like to book one of these workplace workshops direct with me, please email or tel: 07590831966.

You can also book a workshop with The Wellbeing Project.

Thank you for supporting my work so that I can support women through their menopause and help change attitudes and resources available for women.

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