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Menopause Charity Fundraising Class October 18th - 7pm (UK time)

Support menopause awareness & research by attending this live online class on MFML

Petra Coveney - founder of Menopause Yoga - and the award-winning wellness website Movement For Modern Life have teamed up to provide a live online class to raise funds for The Menopause Charity.

The class on Tuesday October 18th at 7pm (UK time) is to celebrate Menopause Awareness Day and there will be a welcome greeting from both Jenny Haskey CEO of the The menopause Charity and Kat Farrants the founder of MFML. BOOK HERE

Petra and MFML are donating their time and services free, so that 100% of your donations go direct to the Menopause Charity to support their important work.

This year's theme for International Menopause Month is Cognition & Mood, which includes some of the psychological symptoms of low oestrogen that can cause everything from brain fog and overwhelm to low mood, menorage and depression.

Petra's class will focus on brain fog and fatigue and offer a specially tailored yoga class to help alleviate these physical and psychological sensations by encouraging deep rest and relaxation. The class is open to everyone - both male and female people of all ages. You do not need to be in the menopause to benefit.

If you would like to book onto this class, please follow this link on the MFML website's Just Giving donation page.

The class is not recorded, for privacy reasons, but if you are not able to attend live, you may still like to make a donation to The Menopause Charity and its very important work.

You can find out more information here:

If you would like to practice Menopause Yoga with Petra, there are several classes on the Movement for Modern Life website and they also run a Menopause course for women.

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