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Menopause lessons at school

One mum's campaign victory is a giant step forward for all of our daughters.

You may have heard about a campaign led by Diane Danzebrink, 52, who struggled with menopausal depression, which was triggered by a hysterectomy, aged 45.

Her campaign to improve knowledge and understanding has led to the government deciding, in July 2019, to add it to secondary school sex and relationship lessons in the UK.

She hoped it would boost understanding and help people cope.

As the mother of a girl and boy (now adults), I fully support this move to make menopause a compulsory part of sex education at secondary schools. My son and daughter are, tbh, tired of hearing me talk about menopause, but I'd rather they both know what an impact it can have on a woman's body, mind and emotions so that when they, or their partner, go through it is later life, they will not be ignorant or afraid, and can seek the right support.

What most parents, and teenage girls don't realise is that they need to be looking after their health NOW! It is shocking that girls between the ages of 15-25 are not made aware that eating a very low calcium diet and extreme dieting can reduce the calcium in their growing bones. This puts them at a disadvantage during menopause when calcium starts to leach out of their bones and can lead to osteoporosis.

The more we educate men and women, the easier it will be for them, and their families in future. Talking and taking the taboo out of menopause is the key.

To read more about this story, visit the BBC website>

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