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'Menopause The Change Is here' - TV

WORLD MENOPAUSE DAY - October 18th, 2022. I'm a member of the British Menopause Society, the first yoga teacher to be accepted, so I wanted to let you know that to mark World Menopause Day 2021, the BMS has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News to produce a news-style programme Menopause: The Change is Here’, empowering, supporting and educating women to help provide a better understanding of the menopause transition and its impact, as well as protect their long-term health. Anchored by ITN Productions presenter Louise Minchin from the ITN Studios, Menopause: The Change is Here shines a spotlight on the impact menopausal symptoms have on women’s health and careers,addressing the misinformation that still surrounds the subject. The programme will show viewers how to access good advice, recognise the diverse symptoms, understand more about the importance of managing hormone health and explore the treatment options available. The programme will also explore the vital work being done by leading organisations to ensure women are supported in the workplace, highlighting the new approaches to changes in workplace policy and education. Watch Vimeo here:

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