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Menopause & Women's Health Talk

Petra Coveney to speak on expert panel for Singing Dragon publishers' Event November 18th.

As you may know, my first book 'Menopause Yoga - A Holistic Guide to Supporting Women on Their Menopause Journey' is published on October 21st by Singing Dragon/ Jessica Kingsley Publishing. So it is a real pleasure to be invited to join a special Menopause and Women's Health panel as an expert alongside Brian Grosam, Shelly Prosko and Anneke Sips.

This online event on November 18th, at 8pm UK time, will include a cross-disciplinary conversation on whole person care for women that draws in perspectives from western medical science, yoga and body work, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine.

We will look at women's physical and mental health and wellbeing and explore fresh approaches and treatment strategies.

This is the 4th and final event organised to celebrate the publisher Singing Dragon's 15th birthday.

If you'd like to join us, you can book £10.00 tickets via the Singing Dragon website:

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