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Menopause Workshop: 'the wisdom of heart energy in midlife'

November 30th at 6pm-8.30pm. Join Petra Coveney (creator of Menopause Yoga) and Jo Darling (founder of Menopoised) for this special winter workshop that fuses yoga and traditional Chinese medicine to help manage your symptoms and reframe menopause as your Second Spring. This workshop includes an expert talk and a yoga class.

Tickets £25.00 BOOK HERE

100% of funds raised through ticket sales will be donated to Brighton Natural Health Centre to support community-based classes and education.

The wisdom of heart energy in midlife through the lens of Chinese medicine:

Chinese medicine takes its inspiration from the natural world. There is no separation of between us and our surroundings, our mind or our body. Everything is connected.

The Heart is the Empress of the body, ruling over all functions. It has a special connection to the mind and its imbalance is often connected to insomnia, anxiety and in some instances fatigue.

In this special workshop, Jo Darling (women’s health acupuncturist and founder of Menopoised) will share insights from traditional Chinese medicine into why we become wiser as we transition through menopause - and how we can nourish our heart in midlife. Petra Coveney, founder of Menopause Yoga (2013) will explain how TCM informs her specialist yoga techniques to help women manage menopause symptoms holistically. Both Jo and Petra embrace the beautiful concept from TCM that views the menopause as a woman's Second Spring with opportunities to rebalance her life and lifestyle for long term health and happiness.

Petra and Jo are volunteering their time so that 100% of ticket sales can be donated to support the Brighton Natural Health Centre, which has been serving the local community in Brighton since 1981. The BNHC is in financial difficulties due to the Covid pandemics and desperately needs everyone's help to keep its doors open. Whether you live in the Brighton and East Sussex area or not, this workshop is a way to show your support for classes that benefit thew whole community.


Jo Darling also produces natural acupuncture-inspired products for menopause.

Menopoised Cool & Calm Aromatherapy Cream

This luxurious Cool & Calm cream blends pure essential oils to calm the mind, balance the hormones and cool you down when you’re feeling the heat. When your temperature’s rising Rose Geranium supports hormonal balance and cooling Peppermint brings a breath of fresh air and clarity. Woody Frankincense instils a sense of peace whilst Lavender’s relaxing properties infuse calm. Wise and cool Clary Sage helps to calm the nerves, with an affinity for hormonal health. Beautifully hand-blended to nourish and restore this Cool and Calm cream harnesses the richly moisturising properties of cocoa and shea butters to help rehydrate and protect tired skin.

Offer 15% OFF – use this code YOGA15

Includes all menopoised products. Must be used by midnight Sunday 11th December 2022.

About Jo Darling MBAcC Lic Acu, Founder Menopoised®

Jo Darling is an acclaimed Chinese medicine practitioner with expertise in women’s natural healthand the founder of Menopoised®. She’s passionate about helping women transition through menopause, whether natural or medically induced and is an experienced oncology acupuncturist. Jo’s mission is to empower women to live healthier, happier lives sharing her 15 years of clinical experience harnessing the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.

She successfully works with patients to support them with mental and physical health imbalances from hot flushes to anxiety, low mood or low energy, migraines, insomnia and much more. Jo integrates a range of Chinese medical techniques including acupuncture, gua sha, moxibustion and offers lifestyle advice (yang sheng) to help women help themselves. She offers both in person and remote treatment incorporating the use of essential oils toactivate specific acupuncture points.

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