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Menopause Yoga Milestone!

400 teachers trained in +26 countries worldwide, including almost every English county.

I am overjoyed and feeling very humbled by the enthusiasm of teachers across the UK and rest of the world who have chosen to train on my unique Menopause Yoga 40-Hour course, which is accredited by both the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

400 trained teachers (as of October 2022), in more than 26 countries - in exactly 3 years since I launched the world's first menopause specific yoga accredited teacher training course, 2019! October marks the start of our 29th course.

Where are these teachers?

We have teachers in (almost) every county in England (apart from the Isle of Wight), plus a growing group of teachers across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Other countries include: USA, Canada, Argentina, Brasil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand - and many more. To see a full list, go to the DIRECTORY on my website and search by country and county.

Each course is kept to a maximum of 20 teachers to ensure group cohesion, and a sense of community so that every person's voice is heard. Some of these have been in intensive 3-5 day intensive studio courses, some TT Retreats where we've benefitted from nourishing food and comfortable accommodation in stunning locations.

To find out about the NEW courses and Retreats, Visit the Teacher Training

Menopause Awareness for ALL Teachers (male and female)

Since March 2020, we have also run online live courses, and recently teamed up with (the online education charity) to host a NEW live online course with a wealth of pre-recorded webinars and classes, featuring an outstanding faculty of guest speakers from the world of medicine (Dr Louise Newson and Dr Claire Phipps), nutrition (Emma Ellice-Flint), Herablism ( Melinda McDougal), Pelvic floor expert (nurse practitioner), Osteopath Yinka Fabusuyi, Ayurvedic practitioner Deena Solanki and Traditional Chinese medicine therapist Jo Darling (Menopoised).

This 40-Hour course has only been open to qualified yoga teachers who identify as women. However, men and younger women teachers also teach women in their menopausal years of 40s-50's. So in 2021 I created a one-day Menopause Awareness (Continuing professional Development) course for ALL yoga teachers hers and bodywork instructors, so that we can ensure that menopausal women feel welcome and supported in their general yoga classes. This course is also accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals and earns 6-CPD points.

When I created Menopause Yoga during my own perimenopause, I thought it might be helpful for other women struggling with some of their hormone related symptoms and the emotional transition that is the menopause journey.

What is Menopause Yoga?

Menopause Yoga (2013) the world's first menopause specific practice and positive approach to support women through their menopause. It uniquely brings together western medicine and eastern wellbeing under one holistic umbrella - because the hormone changes affect the whole of a woman's body, mind and emotions.

"I describe the menopause as a bio-psycho-social-spirtual journey that can create a WAKE UP call for women who are living a life out of balance and an AWAKENING to her inner strength and empowerment in her post menopause which we call Second Spring (traditional Chinese medicine term). Alarm bells can ring internally when women experience life changing symptoms that affect not just their health but also their work, relationships and relationship with herself. If women listen to this wake up call, they can be guided to choose to better support their long-term health and wellbeing. Menopause Yoga helps create the supportive environment, educational information and accessible yoga practices that can help women find and listen to her inner wisdom. From this can spring her Awakening. In traditional Chinese medicine they call this 'stepping into wholeness' as she enters her Second Spring."

Menopause Yoga Guide Book

My book 'Menopause Yoga' Suporting Women On Their Menopause Journey,' was published by Singing Dragon Books (2021) and is a guide mainly for teachers. (NEW book for women coming soon).

Petra says: "I created Menopause Yoga & Wellbeing for myself as I went through a rocky perimenopause. But when I realised how little advice and guidance there was for menopausal women, I channelled that outrage into creating an holistic programme of western medical science and eastern wellbeing that includes: specialised yoga, mediation and breathwork, alongside factual information about Hormone Replacement Therapy, nutrition, herbal remedies, and compliumentary therapies.

"These were so popular with women travelling from other countries to attend. So, my mission has been to train other yoga teachers so that women can find a Menopause trained teacher in every town in the UK. Since then, more than 400 teachers have been trained in 26 countries (and counting).

NEW Classes, Courses & Workshops for women and teachers

"I still love to offer my weekly classes and one -two-day workshops and Retreats for women who want to practice with me."

One of the most important parts of the Menopause Yoga is the women's circle discussion, so that women feel that sense of connection, and dont feel so "lost and alone."

Join me, Petra Coveney, for one of my Menopause Yoga weekly online classes every Monday evening. Each week she looks at a different aspect or symptoms of the menopause and offered specific yoga poses, meditation and breathwork.

Or you may prefer to join me in person for a full day workshop at Triyoga Studio, or a 6-week course for women, at The Life Centre, both in London.

In December 2022- January 2023, I'll be launch a NEW online TT course for teachers in a timezone better for Australia and New Zealand. And there will be a Teacher training course and a women's retreat in Bali, in June 2023.

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