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Menopause Yoga Teacher Spotlight

Dr Marcia Brophy - Menopause-ology

Marcia is a psychologist, mental health specialist and yoga teacher and has worked in the mental health sector for over 25 years. She graduated from Petra’s MY™ March 2020. "Nearly six years ago and into my own menopause journey, I experienced mental health challenges. At 43 I started feeling strong and sudden mood swings, alongside ocular migraines, feelings of panic, and trouble sleeping through the night.

I have a job that requires a great deal of mental focus and resilience so I simply attributed it all to work stress and continued struggling along. Only after experiencing some longer periods of depression coupled with anxiety every morning, and some of the more obvious symptoms like hot flushes, I started googling to learn more, and realised that I had entered perimenopause.

However, the information available was confusing and sometimes contradictory, so I turned to my mental health training and yoga to develop my own support after failing to find the resources I wanted. I had become frustrated over the last few years by the lack of appropriate mental health resources available and hearing more and more stories of women, and some of my friends, being put on anti-depressants or experiencing suicidal thoughts.

I felt spurred on to take action.

After training with Petra to become a MY teacher to compliment my mental health expertise, I created to provide support for women facing anxiety, depression and other mental health needs.

This year, on 18 October, I launched my new online platform, on International Menopause Awareness Day. My services focus on supporting women’s mental health during their perimenopause and menopause transition, and allowing women to get the support they need from the comfort of their own homes, while feeling part of a community of support.

I offer a combination of mind-body therapy incorporating talking therapies, breath work and Menopause Yoga™. Menopause-ology’s mission is to build an online global community empowering every woman to understand, like and support themselves during their menopause transition, making it a positive experience and enabling them to flourish in their mid-life and beyond. I am also still on my own menopause transition, and continue to support myself with the same tools that I shares with others.


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