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NEW MY Teacher Training course

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

47-Hour YAP and BWY training course open to ALL women teachers

After many requests from teachers who are not yet in a stage of menopause, I have adapted the MY course so that ALL women teachers can join. Please note: This is the first MY course to be open to ALL teachers, including those who are NOT in a stage of menopause. I will still be running the original course which is exclusive to menopausal women teachers only.

The difference between this and the original course is that it is focussed on professional rather than personal development. The women's circle discussions will be broader and focus on supporting other women in menopause. It will qualify you to teach both MY specific classes as well as incorporate menopause asana poses, breathwork and meditation in your general yoga classes. (see below for more detail)

Women going through menopause benefit from being in yoga classes with other women who are on the menopause journey. Women yoga teachers who are going through menopause also benefit from being in a training course together, which acts like a support network. However, many women may prefer to attend general yoga classes and women in their 30s-40s may not realise that their peri-menopause has started; they may attribute their physical and psychological symptoms to other causes. It is important to raise awareness among all yoga teachers so that they can observe and meet the needs of menopausal women in their classes.

Why offer a separate course?

The main reason for offering this NEW course is to ensure that teachers, and the women in their yoga classes, are more aware of what the menopause is and how to prepare for it in advance. Women normally wait to see their doctor until they've experienced some of the more debilitating symptoms, such as hot flushes, night sweats, menopause rage or insomnia and anxiety. However, this approach pathologists menopause into a list of symptoms when instead it is so much more than this.

Yes, there are symptoms we need to manage to ensure we can lead full lives, work, enjoy our relationships and practice self-care. And there are serious health concerns for post menopausal women that can affect both her mobility, mental and physical wellbeing and relationships with herself and others. These include: osteoporosis, cardio vascular disease, breast cancer, obesity, depression, UTIs and painful sexual intercourse.

Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation can help prevent, or ameliorate, these so it is valuable to share this insight with younger women.

But this course also reveals the psycho/spiritual dimension of menopause and how this can be an empowering, liberating journey back to your Self, a new lease of life with a radical transformation in your perception of yourself and your place in the world.

This course helps you to become more aware of the symptons and signs of menopause so that you can support these women by offering modifications for yoga poses and props, as well as welcoming them by creating menopause supportive environments. It also helps you to recognise your own symptoms when they arise, and therefore feel more prepared and positive about the changes to your fertility.

Course Content

On this course, you will learn the 4x main MY yoga sequences for groups of symptoms (Hot flushes and Menorage/ Anxiety, brian fog and Fatigue/ Lethargy, low mood and sluggish digestion), as well as a specialist class to improve Sleep, and modifications for both preventing osteoporosis and working with osteopenia (weakened bones) which can affect 1:2 women in post menopause when the loss of oestrogen causes their bone density to deplete.

The course includes expert advice from a Menopause speciaist GP from Newson Health. She will talk about symptoms, the health risks of post menopause and pros and cons of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Other teaching resources

Trainees have access to a library of Guest Speaker video talks on Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Qigong, Journal writing, Women's Circles and PDF handouts that are downloadable from the Menopause-Yoga website.

Post course support

Graduates from the course can chose to join an international directory of qualified MY teachers hosted on the website and to opt in to join a Facebook group and remain in a WhatsApp chat groupo for your cohort.

The aim of this course, as with the others, is support you on your menopause journey - preparing those who have not yet started it - and to to Educate and Empower you as yoga teachers to Embrace the menopause as a positove opportunity for self insight and growth.


This course is the only one to be accredited by Yoga Alliance Professioanls as a Further Teacher Training course and a British Wheel of Yoga Module for teachers earning CPD points.


The first MY course for ALL teachers, will be taught on Zoom online on 4x Thursday's spread over 4 weeks in March 2021. The times are 10am-5pm UK time. The coursework his the same as the original course (journal writing and a Class Plan) but it includes quiz questions on menopause awareness in a yoga studio setting.

The course fees are the same - £450.00 which includes YAP digital letter of authenticity and a printed certificate of accreditation from the British Wheel of Yoga. Please note the terminology. This 47 hour course is classified as a 40+ Hour Further Teacher Training course by YAP, and a teachers' Module by the BWY.

To Book:

On booking, you will receive a Student Pack with reading list, T&Cs and what to expect on the course. One month before the course starts, you will receive the training Manual. This is a large file with visual images so it is sent to you as a PDF not a hardcopy document.

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