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NEW Yoga Scotland Menopause Awareness Course

Join Petra in Edinburgh for this special 6-hour CPD course in Menopause Awareness

Join Petra Coveney (founder of Menopause Yoga and author of the teacher's book 'Menopause Yoga - A Holistic Guide To Supporting Women on their Menoause Journey,' for this special 6-hour CPD course taught in person at the beautiful Beetroot Sauvage Yoga studio, in the heart of Endinburgh, Scotland.



12noon - Welcome & Women’s Circle Introduction to Petra and other attendees. Thanks to Caroline Phipps-Urch for organising and assisting this training.

12.30am- 1pm – Talk

What is the Menopause? Definitions from Western medical science & Eastern wellbeing perspectives.

Stages of the Menopause, Symptoms and long term Health risks.

Causes – Hormones, genetics, ethnicity. Influences: socio-economic status, lifestyle, culture.

1.30pm – 2.00pm Symptoms & Solutions (HRT, nutrition, natural remedies, complimentary therapies)

Group discussion and Partner work

2pm – 2.15pm comfort break.

2.15pm – 3.30pm: Yoga: short talk followed by group discussion and practical workshop of yoga poses

How yoga can help?

Being Menopause Aware - How menopause may show up in your yoga or exercise classes?

How to modify yoga asana for safe practice: Osteopenia, joint and muscle pain, hot flushes and headaches, anxiety and trauma awareness. Accessibility and Adapting your studio space to be welcoming, safe spaces. (Interactive group discussion with demonstration)

3.30-3.45pm - comfort break.

3.45- 5pm – Menopause Yoga™

Introduction to MY basic principles and a 75- minute practice of key breathwork, asana, meditation, self reflection and journal writing.

The practice includes techniques for cooling hot flushes, soothing irritability, calming anxiety, supporting sleep, clearing brain fog, lifting low mood and lethargy.*

5pm – Review of Practice & Teaching Practice of key techniques

5.30pm- Recap and Quiz Questions.

5.50pm – 6pm Closing Circle

* Yoga can not replace lost hormones and may not help all women to alleviate their symptoms. It is most effective when part of a holistic package of self-care that may include HRT, nutrition, natural remedies and complimentary therapies.

This CPD course in Menopause Awareness is open to all qualified yoga and physical health instructors.

PLEASE NOTEM- THIS COURSE DOES NOT QUALIFY YOU TO TEACH MENOPAUSE YOGA. The course is to raise awareness and provide medical and welbeing insights into how you can adapt, modify your own classes to make them safe and welcoming to women in a stage of the menopause.

To book on a 40-Hour accredited TT course, please look for the yello sun symbol on my website.

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