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Petra Coveney Invited As Guest Speaker on NEW Modern Menopause(TM) Retreats, in Bali, Indonesia

I'm delighted to have been invited as the first guest speaker on the inaugural Modern Menopause event organised by Windrose World Retreats (TM).

I will already be in Bali for my own Menopause Yoga teachers' training retreat in Ubud from June 6th-13th (Book places here), so it will be a joy to stay in this Balinese paradise for the Modern Menopause Retreat, also in Ubud from June 24th to July 1st, 2023. The retreats are open to all women and you don't need to be a stage of the menopause to join us.

Windrose World Retreats is run by two very inspiring women, based in Los Angeles, USA, Diana Phillips and Jan Scott. Modern Menopause is their passion project which includes other inspiring guest speakers:

Amanda Thebe, author of Menopocalypse: How I learned to Thrive During Menopause and How You Can Too! ; Emma Bardwell, nutritionist and author of The Perimenopause Solution; Dr. Shazadi Harper, founder of The Harper Clinic; and Dr. Jenn Salib Huber, nutritionist and naturopath of The Midlife Feast.

Below is some information about the retreat from Diana and Jan.

I hope to see some of you either at my teachers' training retreat or at there Modern Menopause retreat in June - Bali, here we come!!!

JUNE 24-JULY 1 - PETRA COVENEY, founder of “Menopause Yoga” and author:

“My mantra is to educate so women feel empowered to embrace menopause as a positive opportunity for long term health and happiness.”

Petra Coveney is the founder and creator of Menopause YogaTM (2013) and author of the teacher training book Menopause Yoga – a holistic guide to supporting women on their menopause journey, which includes a foreword written by Dr Louise Newson. She is a senior yoga teacher and trainer for the British Wheel of Yoga, Yoga Alliance Professionals and Yoga Australia, as well as the first yoga teacher to be accepted into the British Menopause Society. Petra believes in raising awareness of the menopause among women, men, LGBTQ and non-binary people. She volunteers for The Menopause Charity, which was founded by Dr. Louise Newson, by filming free video classes and blogposts on holistic wellbeing. Her corporate work includes Menopause Awareness webinars for companies seeking to support staff and line managers. Due to demand from women and teachers, she created the first professional Menopause Yoga teachers training course in 2019, and has trained over 500+ yoga teachers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

SAMPLE DAY 0700 Yoga All levels 0830 Breakfast 0930 Marquee Speaker linking daily theme to Menopause 1230 Lunch 1400 Free Time: Spa, Journaling, Pool, One-On-One Sessions 1500 Afternoon workshop 1630 Yoga Yin, Restorative, or Nidra 1800 Group discussion over dinner with recap of daily learnings, Q&A, Storytelling & Play 1930 Culture 2100 Bedtime

WINDROSE WORLD RETREATSTM LODGING The gorgeous Tanah Villa Shanti will host our guests and all workshops. It’s beyond the perfect environment for us, complete with full-service kitchen, great community spaces, an on-site spa, brand new yoga shala, and stunning infinity pool overlooking a lush jungle ravine. We will have the entire compound for this 8 day/7 night retreat and have limited each week to 12 women to keep the setting intimatefor building community, grounding the experiences and creating connections after the retreat ends. Extra accommodations will be offered at a sister property, Joglo Liang. Individual cottages in the joglo-style architecture of the aristocracy.

WINDROSE WORLD RETREATSTM Why Menopause? 42% of women were not prepared for how long perimenopause lasts Women spend over half of our lives post-menopausal More than 1 billion women are expected to enter menopause by 2025 A whopping 94% of women felt they are unprepared for menopausal symptoms: hot flashes (52%) sleep problems (for 51%) night sweats (49%) brain fog, feelings of depression, anxiety & stress (47%) 92% say more education is needed about the “journey” 71% asked for more education to deal with symptoms 62% expressed desire for pro-aging content to de-stigmatize menopause 28% knew how to care for themselves before perimenopausal symptoms began

CONTACT INFO: Diana Phillips 310-525-8777 Jan Scott 310-993-5574

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