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Call to help research into menopause medical support across UK.

Menopause Yoga trained teacher Jinty Sheerin has turned her outrage about inconsistent NHS medical support for women in her own county of Devon, into a national UK-wide campaign. #WheresMyClinic

She has created a research survey asking women across the UK what support they have been offered or is available in their county. The NHS Menopause Clinic survey could help inform a national campaign run by Diane Danzebrink for better menopause provision, wherever you live.

Jinty is asking that you please support this survey by filling in the questionnaire (see link below) and sharing it with other women in your area. It only takes a few minutes and could help other women's wellbeing.

The survey is anonymous so your name will not be visible to the researchers.

The DEADLINE for the survey to be completed is Friday September 30th.

Jinty, who also co-hosts a podcast Womenkind Collective, says:

"Many Counties in the UK are without an NHS Menopause Clinic. While some Counties with specialist Clinics accept referrals from nearby Counties, others can only provide care for patients from their own practice or town.

"This can be confusing for both patients and Health Professionals when trying to either provide or request support. To add to this confusion some are British Menopause Society Certified & others are not.

"Through this survey we hope to find out what Menopause support is offered by the NHS in different Counties and the reality of accessing them. We then hope to add this to the resources section on Diane Danzebrink’s The Menopause support Website to allow people to see what support they may be able to access."

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