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The Menopause Charity Fundraising Workshop

Sunday October 24th 2pm-5pm

Tickets BOOKABLE on the Movement For Modern Life website HERE:

As part of International Menopause Month (2021) Movement For Modern Life is getting behind the menopause movement by hosting a live online 3-hour charity workshop with a specialist menopause doctor Dr Claire Phipps and Petra Coveney – the founder of Menopause Yoga.

Bringing together western medicine and eastern wellbeing, this special workshop will look at some of the common menopause symptoms and ways to help you manage these holistically.

MFML will donate 50% of the funds raised to the Menopause Charity

Your Sunday afternoon will start at 2pm with a warm welcome from The Menopause Charity trustee Dr Radhika Vohra who will explain its aims and how the funds raised will help other women through education, research and awareness raising campaigns.

Guest speaker, menopause specialist Dr Claire Phipps, will explain the hormonal causes of menopause symptoms, the long-term health risks associated with low oestrogen, give an overview of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and host a Q&A session. (please note: Dr Phipps can only answer general questions at this public event).

Then relax and enjoy 90 minutes of Menopause Yoga with founder Petra Coveney.

She will explain the intersection between our modern stressful lifestyles, our hormones, and the benefits of a regular yoga asana, breathing and mindful meditation practice. She will guide you through some of her cooling, calming techniques that you can practice at home.

Your workshop will conclude with a Closing Women’s Circle and a pledge to pass on to another woman at least one fact, or helpful tip, from the workshop, and share on social media.

Petra Coveney who helped curate the workshop, says: “There are still a lot of myths about the menopause that can cause fear and misunderstanding. I hope that women attending this workshop will learn and share some of the facts and helpful tips that could help a friend, family member or work colleague manage her symptoms with more confidence. The menopause can be viewed as an opportunity to change any aspects of your life that are no longer supporting your health and wellbeing. If all of us shared just one fact with one friend, it would cascade this knowledge to so many more women. In this way, we can all be part of the menopause movement for change.

Petra and Dr Claire Phipps are donating their time free to support The Menopause Charity.

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