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Weekend Workshops in London

Join Petra in person in October for a series of workshops and courses in London, UK.


Saturday October 22nd from 3.30pm-6.30pm

Managing Menopause Anxiety, Overwhelm & Fatigue

Are you struggling with menopause Anxiety, Overwhelm & Fatigue? Let Petra Coveney - founder of Menopause Yoga™ - help you alleviate these symptoms. Petra is the creator of world’s first menopause specific yoga practice (2013) and author of the book ‘Menopause Yoga - A Holistic Guide to Supporting Women On Their Menopause Journey,’ and a member of the British Menopause Society for health practitioners. Her aim is to help Educate women about their menopause, Empower them with a toolkit of techniques, and encourage them to Embrace the menopause transition as an opportunity for better health and wellbeing. Join her for this special introductory workshop at the Life Centre where she will share knowledge of the menopause from both western medical and eastern wellbeing perspectives. This workshop includes: - a women’s circle discussion - medical information about your hormones and causes of menopause anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue. - symptom management with general guidelines on nutrition, natural remedies, and complimentary therapies to reduce your symptoms. - a 90-minute Menopause Yoga practice that includes slow somatic movement, restorative yoga, breathwork, and mindful meditation. - a handout factsheet. This workshop is open to women in any stage of perimenopause to post menopause. Suitable for yoga beginners.

Cost of workshop is £45 and includes a printed workbook

Petra is also running a 6-week Course for women in Menopause Yoga & Wellbeing during October to November. If you'd like to join her contact The Life Centre:

Tel: 020 7221 4602 Email:



Saturday October 29th and Sunday 30th, from 2pm-4pm each day.

This two-day workshop, open to all women who’ve been practising yoga for at least six months, is for those who are perimenopausal, in active menopause or post menopausal and whose experience of this transitional stage includes anxiety, overwhelm or fatigue. This workshop offers an inclusive introduction to the specialised work of Menopause YogaTM and aims to help women to understand the causes of menopause symptoms such as anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue, as well as teaching them how to help alleviate them using a holistic approach that includes discussion of HRT, nutrition, herbal remedies - and practising menopause-specific techniques. Schedule: Day One: Women’s circle discussion Western medical overview of the menopause: ages, stages and symptoms. Western wellbeing: HRT, nutrition, supplements and mindfulness. Menopause Yoga practice for anxiety and overwhelm. Day Two: Women’s circle Eastern wellbeing overview: Second Spring Menopause Yoga practice for brain fog and fatigue. Petra’s material interweaves Eastern wellbeing and Western medical perspectives and introduces the concept of a Second Spring awakening. Drawn from traditional Chinese medicine, utilising this framework allows us to shift our viewpoint so that we understand menopause not just as an inevitable biological event, but as a precious opportunity to deepen and enrich a woman’s self knowledge and spiritual growth.

The workshops cost £30 each or £50 for both.

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