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Womenkind Collective Podcast

Listen to Petra Coveney talking about Menopause Yoga on a new podcast covering issues affecting all women - Sunday September 19th, 2021.

It was my pleasure on Sunday September 19th to be invited on to the Womenkind Collective podcast launched by Jinty Sheerin and her friend Lou to look at issues affecting all women, especially women in their menopausal years.

Jinty is a graduate of the second Menopause yoga teacher training course launched in 2019 and became inspired by the experience of meeting other women at this stage of life and hearing their stories. She went on to teach Menopause Yoga and found her passion for communication by creating this humorous and informative podcast.

In this episode, I talk to Jinty and Lou about my story of menopause and what inspired me to create Menopause Yoga as a one-stop-shop of yoga and information to support women in a stage of their menopause. And I share the details about a yoga and creative writing workshop with best selling author Noelle Harrison on October 17th. This is the 2nd workshop that I've run on Writing Your Menopause Story and we hope that by providing simple, enjoyable yoga and writing exercises, women will feel more confident in putting pen to paper/ or computer or sound recording to express their personal experiences of the menopause.

Women may then choose to record their stories for a new podcast and anthology of women's stories so that we, collectively, can reWrite the menopause in our own words.

I hope you enjoy this chat with me, Jinty and Lou. You can download the Womenkind Collective podcast from the Apple store and other podcast platforms.

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