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Yoga Campus & Menopause Yoga deliver international teacher training

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I'm delighted to announce that Menopause Yoga has teamed up with Yoga Campus to deliver the online Teacher Training courses in 2020.

Yoga Campus is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to yoga education. It provides Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training, as well as continuing education (CPD) for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and experienced students in the UK, abroad and Online.

The YC teaching faculty is made up of top yoga academics and researchers, as well as experienced teachers with yoga careers spanning four or five decades. Some of the world’s most respected international teachers. So I am honoured to be included among their faculty running the Menopause Yoga Teacher Trainings courses with them.

The first online course run with Yoga Campus starts on June 13th and runs until July 5th and is already fully booked with teachers logging in from all over the world. This course is being run over 4 weekends with 4 expert guest speakers in addition to the normal course content. I created this course structure to ensure the online training was stimulating, interactive and engaging - and in some ways better!"

The feedback from this course so far has been overwhelming positive. teachers love that they don't have to travel, pay for accommodation or manage family situations away from home, they meet a wider range of teachers from other parts of the world, have more time to absorb the course content and style of teaching - and hear talks from guest speakers who would not be able to attend in studio courses.

Due to teacher demand, I will be running two more online 40 Hour Teacher Training courses with Yoga Campus in September and October 2020, and plan to film more online video content as a permanent teachers' resource.

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