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Doctors Embrace Menopause Yoga

Doctors normally only prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy to women going through menopause, and many are loathe to do even that. When I went through perimenopause I was told there was nothing I could do, and that was that!

Seven years later and the world is a very different place.

At this year's British Menopause Society national conference, I was delighted to meet a pioneering GP and menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson aka @menopause-doctor. She not only promotes the use of HRT and other medications to support women in menopause, she also practices yoga and encourages women to do the same. She recognises that there is more to menopause than the physical symptoms; this can be an emotionally and mentally challenging period, and learning how to transition positively through this natural stage in life will lead to a better menopause experience.

Dr Newson has recently opened a Menopause Clinic in Stratford Upon Avon that is dedicated to women going through menopause. Among the services it offers are weekly yoga classes taught by the talented and very lovely teacher Elsa Wye.

And I have been invited to run a three hour MY Menopause Yoga workshop on Sunday December 2nd. The event SOLD OUT within just 3 days, which just shows how keen women are to find support.

I'm very excited to be taking yoga out of yoga studios to reach a wider range of women.

If you would like a MY Menopause Yoga workshop in your area, please contact me:

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