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Menopause Goodie Bags

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

I encourage women to see menopause as a time to nurture and nourish themselves - a time for self-care. This is why I give women at my workshops a goodie bag of gifts to get them started. MY Goodie Bags include:

- an Ananda Superfoods Ayurveda snack bar,

- Pukka tea bags for calming nerves, promoting sleep or aiding digestion;

- Promensil cooling pray to manage hot flushes, night sweats and redness;

- a small silk fan for hot flushes;

- YES! and Sylk natural vaginal lubricants for sex.

...and other surprise treats.

The key message is that if women take time for themselves, and find lifestyle and medical products that support their changing bodies, minds and emotions, then they can enjoy a better menopause.

If you have received one of these goodie bags, please can you give me your feedback on the products. Which ones did you like and did they work for you?


If you have used any products that you've found helpful during your menopause, please let me know and I can offer these in future Goodie Bags to benefit more women.

Thank you!

Petra x

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