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Weekly Live Online Classes & Instagram Talks with Petra Coveney founder of Menopause Yoga & Wellbeing Every Monday from 6pm-7.30pm (GMT UK timezone)

Join Petra Coveney for a live online Menopause Yoga class in the comfort of your own living room. BOOK HERE

Each week Petra will focus on a different group of menopause symptoms, a stage of the menopause or an aspect of health and wellbeing to support you through perimenopause- post menopause.

You'll meet other women online for a friendly and informative women's circle chat, then Petra will guide you through a different yoga class with poses, breathing and meditation techniques to help alleviate some of the common symptoms.

Petra has a unique approach that combines western medical science with eastern wellbeing to provide holistic support and a positive perspective on the menopause as an opportunity to improve your long-term health and wellbeing.

Menopause Yoga draws on traditional Chinese medicine that reframes the menopause as a woman's Second Spring awakening. He methods help you to feel both rested and relaxed, and build bone density, muscle strength and lift a low mood or lethargy.

Her Menopause Yoga mantra is: Educate, to feel Empowered so you can Embrace your menopause. And as a member of the British Menopause Society and a senior teacher trainer for the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals, Petra shares evidenced-based information and a tried and tested toolkit of techniques that women say have helped them.

Classes costs £12.00 GBP and are NOT recorded to protect women's privacy.

To book a class please click this link to her Booking page.

Follow her on Instagram @menopause_yoga to watch her live talks.

If you are interested in reading more about her work over the past 10 years, you can purchase her book 'Menopause Yoga- A Holistic Guide To Supporting Women On Their Menopause Journey,' by Petra Coveney. (2013) Singing Dragon Books.

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