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NEW Menopause Yoga Awareness Course for yoga and pilates teachers

Learn how to make your general yoga and pilates classes welcoming to women who are going through the menopause.

Do you have women in your yoga or pilates classes aged 40-60 who are struggling with hot flushes, fatigued, feeling overwhelmed, weight gain and hormone related joint stiffness or muscles tightness? These are among some of the common symptoms you'll see among women going through the Menopause. Many of these women may feel that these symptoms make it embarrassing or impossible attend public classes. However, studies have shown menopausal women need to maintain bone density and muscle mass to keep the body mobile, flexible and strong - and prevent postmenopausal diseases such as Osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

So, after many requests from yoga and pilates teachers who are NOT going through menopause, I have created a special Menopause  Yoga Awareness 1-day course.

It is designed to help teachers make their general yoga and pilates classes more welcoming and accessible to women going through menopause and raise awareness of the symptoms and signs to look out.

The 40-Hour MY Teacher Training courses are only open to qualified teachers who have personal experience of menopause, so this one day course is specifically design for non-menopausal teachers.

This course includes:

  • Overview of The Menopause: The biological event and cultural context.

  • Symptoms: How hormone changes affect a woman's mind, body and emotions.

  • How to make your classes accessible and welcoming to women in menopause?

  • Key adjustment and alternative yoga poses, breathwork and meditation for women in menopause.

  • Take away (digital) presentation with general guidelines, suggested yoga poses and adjustments.

The course is taught online via Zoom on one day with a 30 minute hour lunch break.

This exciting new one day course will be held on July 10th from 10am-6pm BST.

This MYA short course offers you 8 CPD points and graduates receive a Menopause Awareness Certificate of Attendance. This course does not qualify you to teach Menopause Yoga classes or workshops, which require attendance on a  40 Hour Teacher Training.

To Book your place on this course please go to the Events page or click here.

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