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NEW! Online Teacher Training Course for Menopause Yoga

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

World's first online Menopause Yoga TT course, accredited by British Wheel of Yoga and

Yoga Alliance Professionals - with 4 exciting Guest Speakers! Places are limited to only 20 trainees. Course Starts in May 2020 - Book ASAP.


Taught over 4 weekends (from 2pm-6pm) in May:

Saturday's - May 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

Sunday's - May 10th,17, 24th, 31st.From 2pm-4pm.

About The Event I am very excited to announce the launch of the world's first ONLINE Menopause Yoga Teacher Training course - training teachers to lead specialist yoga classes and workshops that support women going through menopause.

This unique NEW 40 Hour TT course led by Menopause Yoga Founder Petra Coveney, is accredited by both the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals - and includes 4 special guest speakers:

The course is taught over 4 weekends in May, 2020, with each session lasting 4 hours. All sessions are taught interactively via - but in addition there will also be written materials and online videos to watch as part of the course. Highlights of this Online course include: interactive Q&As with the Speakers, special Menopause and Sleep Recovery yoga demonstrations - plus a unique online cookery class for Happy Hormones with Emma Ellice-Flint! Online vs Studio based

There's no doubt that learning in a face to face studio environment is the most beneficial way to communicate. But with the world is in lockdown, I wanted to find a way to continue my hope of training enough Menopause Yoga teachers to support women in every town across the UK, and further afield.

Cost benefits:

I am also mindful of how expensive it can be to travel long distances, pay for hotel accommodation and food etc and the pressures of being away from home. So I had always intended to create an online version of this unique course.

The online course is not only less expensive (£340 compared to £440 or £630 for a TT Retreat), it also includes outstanding guest speakers who would not normally be available to talk to you in a studio.

Special speakers

Dr Louise Newson will be talking about the health risks associated with menopause and the benefits vs risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy;

Tarik Dervish will talk about Ayurveda - yoga' sister science - and how the Doshas affect women in menopause;

Lisa Sanfilippo will talk about one of the most detrimental symptoms - loss of sleep - and give a demonstration of a simple sleep sequence to help you get a good night's rest;

Emma Ellice-Flint will talk about the nutritional benefits of foods that support happy hormones - and lead us through a cookery class that you can follow at home in your kitchen.

Be part of something bigger - join the MY Network

Since October 2019, a group of 54 experienced teachers from across the UK have been trained to lead Menopause Yoga classes and workshops, any many travelled from the USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, France, Qatar and Dubai. These expert teachers were handpicked for their personal experience of the menopause and their commitment to helping other women. As soon as the virus restrictions are lifted, these extraordinary teachers will be hosting events for women all over the world.

If you would like to be part of this Menopause Yoga network, please get in touch to find out more and sign up for this special course, which includes speaker with content not available on TT's taught in studios.

Being part of the Menopause Yoga network means you can also reach out for support, share teaching and menopause life experiences, ask advice, and join online meets ups.

Why teach Menopause Yoga?

Jinty Sheerin, an MYTT course graduate and owner of Ashtanga Yoga Exmouth, in Devon, says: “Teaching Menopause Yoga workshops is wonderful experience. It feels like a privilege to be able to spend time with women going through menopause, sharing their stories, being able to support them with this specialist yoga whilst also being supported by the growing community of MY teachers. We chat all the time and share knowledge. What Petra has created is more than just a TT; it is very special support network for teachers too.”

Yoga teacher Sarah Thomas, who runs Menopause Yoga classes in Hampshire, says: “I’m so proud to be teaching Menopause Yoga. Petra’s Menopause Yoga teacher training course gives you the tools you need to support your students suffering from menopausal symptoms, or to signpost them in the right direction for help.”

Please note: This 40 Hour TT course is only available to qualified yoga teachers who also have personal experience of a stage of menopause. There will be a Menopause Yoga Awareness Day Course available to other teachers later in 2020.

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