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Phoenix Rising - Hot Flushes & Heated Emotions

What are hot flushes and menopause rage - can we reframe and embrace these symptoms ?

Menopause Yoga workshop

Time & Location

15 May, 10:00 – 13:00 BST on Zoom I BOOK HERE COST £20.00 NOT RECORDED

Perimenopause is the time when women start to experience hot flushes and heated emotions known as 'Menorage.' However, some women continue to experience these day time flushes or night sweats long into their post menopause.

Culturally we are conditioned to view women sweating or become red faced with social embarrassment and un-ladylike body odours. What nonsense!

This means that when women have unexpected flushes of heat and either sweat of go red-faced, we may feel awkward, uncomfortable, out of control and this can hinder our enjoyment of social events or even affect our work. It doesn't help if our male colleagues make jokes about 'menopausal flushes', does it?

Not all women have hot flushes; they may instead have sudden surges of heated emotions known colloquially as Menorage or irritability.

Similarly, it is not seen as 'feminine' for women to express rage or anger in public, and many of us may feel embarrassed or feel guilty, especially if these emotions are directed at our work colleagues or loved ones.

So what can we do? These are common symptoms of the menopause which is a natural and normal stage of life. We shouldn't have to let these symptoms affect our lives negatively.

What if we were to reframe our hot flushes and menorage as as extraordinary cleansing process of releasing and letting go of old habits, behaviours, toxic substances that we consume and toxic negative thoughts that we may have internalised about ourselves? What if we embraced this heat as a wake up call enabling us to rise from the flames like the magical Phoenix bird, reborn, renewed into the next stage of our lives.

Did you know that the Phoenix is a powerful image in China and Japan that adorns temples and cultural buildings? And in traditional Chinese medicine, post menopause is reframed positively as a woman's Second Spring - a time of rebirth and renewal.

In this 3 hour online workshop, I explain: 1. What the biological causes of these erratic fluctuations in our body temperature and that heated emotion of iritability. 2. How to manage these hormone fluctuations with nutrition, natural remedies, HRT and complimentary therapies.

3. Guide you through a 90 minute Menopause Yoga class including cooling breath work and calming meditation practice and refreshing restorative poses to aide rest and renewal. 4. Reframes these menopause symptoms in the image of the Phoenix bird and invites you to view this heat as an opportunity for cleansing, releasing and letting go. 5. Guides you through the magical Phoenix bird visualisation as it rises from the ashes of the flames and is reborn in your post menopause - Second Spring. This workshop is NOT recorded and the conversations we have in our women's circle discussions are strictly confidential.

This workshop is open to all women but is particularly beneficial to women who are in a stage of the menopause.

No prior yoga experience is required, but please be aware that we will be practising some seated and reclined yoga poses that require you to wear stretchy comfortable clothes. You will need a yoga mat, some pillows or cushions, yoga blocks or books and it is optional to use an eye bag/ pillow and blanket if you feel cold!


Please note: Menopause Yoga can help to alleviate your menopause symptoms but it can not replace the lost hormones oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Only HRT can replace these hormones. The Menopause symptoms can mask other underlying health conditions, so please consult your GP or medical specialist if you are concerned about your symptoms. Petra is a member of the British Menopause Society for health practitioners, a senior yoga teacher and trainer, author of the book 'Menopause Yoga - a holistic guide to supporting women on their menopause journey,' and trains Menopause Yoga teachers worldwide.

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