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Rest & Restore with Petra & Ali

Join us for a Menopause Yoga Day Retreat with a focus on Restoring your energy and Renewal for the Year Ahead.

I am delighted to announce that Ali Masterman, a leading Restorative Yoga teacher based in London, will be joining us for the February Menopause Yoga Day Retreat online. Book here.

Ali is an expert in Restorative Yoga, and a graduate of the Menopause Yoga Teacher Training course, on which she is now a Guest Tutor. Ali will be joining the TT in June 2021.

I've created this special February Day Retreat to include guidance on how to nourish yourself through these final months of winter, so that you can reemerge into Spring feeling renewed and replenished.

Ali and I will be holding space for you, so you can release and relax in the comfort of your own homes - while connecting to other women going through a stage of the menopause.

In our safe hands, you'll enjoy a morning practice of gentle yoga stretches and seated Yin yoga to release tension and stagnant energy, followed in the afternoon by deeply relaxing restorative yoga. So if you've been feeling 'stuck' 'stagnant' 'low mood' or simply fatigued, this practice will reset your body, mind and emotions, and prepare you for a night of deep sleep.

About Ali Masterman:

Ali is a compassionate and insightful teacher who specialises in gentle alignment-based Hatha and restorative yoga.

Her classes create community atmosphere, that support her students' emotional and physical development with warmth and empathy.

She studied with the renewed teachers Judith Lasater Hanson and Anna Ashby with whom she also completed her advanced restorative teacher trainings. She has also trained with Nadia Narain, Anna Ashby, Francoise Barbira Freedman, Tiffany Cruikshank, Susannah Hoffman Michel Odent, Liliana Hammers, Tom Myers and Liz Koch.

She is also a qualified massage therapist, doula and an external assessor for the triyoga teacher training programme and teaches alongside Nadia Marian on the triyoga postnatal training.

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