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TOP SANTE Article on PeriMenopause Yoga with Petra Coveney

What kind of yoga should you practice in the perimenopause?

This is a really important question and it's very important for women to understand what is happening to their bodies, brains and emotions at this time of fluctuation that can last 3-6 years or more!

There are yoga teachers who simply tell you to keep exercising and carry on regardless. But this can lead to burnout and chronic fatigue!

There are other teachers who say you just need to practice Yin yoga - but if you are experiencing joint and muscle pain due to the inflammation resulting from low oestrogen, then over stretching your muscles and ligaments in long held poses can be more damaging - not to mention painful.

Some teachers will say just practice Restorative yoga - and this is always a good option - you won't harm or damage yourself - but my experience of teaching women in stages of the menopause for over 10 years is that many of us (especially those who are normally very active and goal driven) will not be able to relax in a restorative pose immediately. They need to move a little first, use breathing techniques to release some of their pent up energy and emotions, then like a tightly held spring they will slowly uncoil.

This is why Menopause Yoga is designed with different classes for different stages of the menopause and different symptoms. The aim is to share a toolkit of techniques with women, guide them to selecting what works best for them, and empowering them to practice these simple techniques at home or wherever, and whiner, they have symptoms.

Thank you to TOP SANTE magazine for featuring this is their latest Autumn October issue - and a special thanks to Yoga Alliance Professionals for supporting my Menopause Yoga teacher training courses.

For information about Menopause Yoga classes, workshops, and teacher training courses, please click on the Book Events page.

Read the full article pdf:

066-071 Fitness - Perimeno Yoga
Download PDF • 5.26MB

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