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Celebrate the Coming Spring with Petra & Erika

Imbolc Day Retreat - a celebration of Spring and Renewal.

This year, I am looking forward to offering women monthly Day Retreats online, which bring together the skills of other yoga teachers who have trained on my Menopause Yoga course.

This month (January 31st), I’ll be running a day retreat with Erika Tourell which includes an uplifting celebration of imbolc – the start of Spring.

Imbolc is the quickening and the building of Light on Gaia, marking the initiation of the coming Spring. Imbolc "in the belly" or "ewe's milk" traditionally begins on the eve of February 1st and is the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. At this time the movement of life begins again on the Earth, in preparation to rebirth herself in Spring. This is a time when we notice the days are getting longer, the temperature has the promise of less frost, the landscape starts to sprout new buds of life, and the feeling that spring is on its way!

Imbolc affects us personally with feelings of hope, anticipation, and new possibilities needing to be born in our life. We feel the need to activate and begin new ventures. The spiritual meaning of Imbolc includes hope for all that is coming, with the promise of new young light of the year and the first shoots of new growth.

After a morning of gentle flowing yoga and breathing techniques to release the stagnant energy of Winter, led by me (Petra), we'll come together in the afternoon with Erika who will guide us through a simple ritual to mark this special Celtic / pagan festival in the cycle of the seasons.

We will gather our strength and vision and begin to wake up with nature to the creative work of fundamental change.

If you are attending this event, please bring a blue shawl, blanket or piece of clothing.

Erika has been working as a healer, yoga and meditation teacher for almost three decades. Her greatest joy is holding transformational classes, retreats and rituals to help people remember their true nature and why they are here.

Seasons of a Woman's Life

Honouring Nature's seasons is a fundamental part of Menopause Yoga, which views The Menopause as a natural transition from the Spring of our youth, through the summer of our womanhood, the autumn of our perimenopause - and reemerging into the renewal of Second Spring in our postmenopause.

Menopause Yoga guides women through these stage of a life by balancing information about western medical science with knowledge from eastern wellbeing including yoga, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness.

MY classes offer specially adapted Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga poses, breathwork and meditation and mindfulness to help you manage your individual menopause symptoms.

And most importantly, MY brings women together to share this natural, but sometimes destabilising, stage of our lives, creating supportive communities in classes, workshops, and day retreats.

If you’d like to attend a day retreat in future, we have one every month with different themes and teachers working with me. Click here to see all events.

And if you’re a teacher, you can sign up to join one of the Teacher Training courses, which are held both live online, and in-person this Summer and Autumn, 2021. This is the only course to be accredited by both Yoga Alliance Professionals and the British Wheel of Yoga, and includes an official accreditation gold standard badge from Menopause Yoga, plus help to promote your events and post course continuing FREE CPD sessions.

The February, March and April courses are all FULLY BOOKED – but there are (currently) places on the June online course, and the TT Retreat and Studio courses.

Read more about Teacher Training with Menopause Yoga here.

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