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Menopause Yoga Courses & Teacher Training 2023

Happy New Year 2023:

Thank you to the yoga and bodywork teachers who have chosen to train with me to become Menopause Yoga™️ teachers since I launched the world's first professionally accredited teacher training course, in 2019.

They are part of an international community network of nearly 500 qualified teachers in 40 countries worldwide.

We come from different cultures, speak different languages - but we are all women here to support other women.

Their professionalism, passion and commitment means that thousands of women like you have received health and wellbeing support as they prepare for, or go through, the menopause.

We all share a commitment to Educate and Empower women so we can Embrace the menopause as a Second Spring - an opportunity to live healthy and happy lives into our post menopause and beyond.

Thank you to all the teachers who've trained with me and all of the women who've attended our workshops and classes this year. Together we are breaking the menopause taboo by talking about it with our friends and families. Each of you are personal pioneers changing culture one conversation at at a time.

Ways to find support: Classes and Courses

If you are a woman seeking support, you can check the teachers' Directory on my website to see if there is a Menopause Yoga teacher in your area. There will be a contact email address.

🧘‍♀️If you’d like to attend one of my live online group class in January 2023, there are on Tuesday's January 10th,

They are in the morning from 8am - 9.15am. these are at a reduced rate of only £8.00 in January 2023. Click here to book a class.

Private classes with Petra Coveney: Please email

Teacher Training Courses and CPD

📖📚If you’d like to train to become a teacher please click on the Booking page. It is the only course to be professionally accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals. The hybrid live online course is delivered in partnership with in the UK and TokyoYoga, Japan, starting in February 2023.

The January and March courses are already fully booked, but there are places available on an extra course running from April-May with You can book here

The live in-person courses are hosted in London in April (UK), as well as residential retreats that include a teacher training course and holiday in Sussex (UK), Bali (Indonesia) and soon to be in Australia.

There are also one-day Menopause Awareness 6-Hour CPD courses on January 29th and 21st February 2023. This CPD course is open to all yoga and bodywork teachers, male and female and non-binary. It is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and you receive a certificate of attendance from Menopause Yoga.

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